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Full Version: 2020 - Tell us what you did today
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We have Veggie's weekly aspirational list which some of us remember to update, but if you work on a daily rather than a weekly basis, tell us what you have achieved today, it need not be growing related of course.

To start us off:

I've finished planting out the greenhouse with tomatoes and cucumbers,  continued planting CFBs but still have more to do.  OH stirred the current compost for me, bless him.
I have deep cleaned the kitchen today, carried on filling the shelves that I've just put up, had a clear out and filled the bin, watered the garden, serious tidy up, cleaned downstairs windows, chopped off all the ivy that is climbing up my house on the front, shifted all the plants that haven't been planted on the front yet, because the ivy is still there and it's been too hot to work out there. had a chat with my sister in Sweden as I bought a pair of shoes for my mum for Mother's day (today - there) and now both my sister and niece want some too. It's one of those days that is thoroughly satisfying and it's difficult to sit down and actually stop for the evening. Lovely Smile
You put me to shame Sariss, you make me feel old . Where oh where do you get the drive and energy? Smile
I watered the fruit cage then inspected the contents. Lots falling off cause of the heat and dryness, gooseberries, currants and cherries. Also, something is eating the unripe cherries (suspect snails). I have some brassicas planted in there to thwart the pigeons. Lots of other things thing seem to like them, especially the caulis. The slugs started off on them so I did some evening raids. Then I noticed that whole leaves were going missing (rats I suspect) again a marked preference for caulis. Then some started to wilt, cabbage fly no doubt though some had been pulled out by the rats. Hopefully I'll end up with a few for the kitchen but doubt there will be a cauli among them. the rasperries had lots of flowers and I'm hoping, with a bit of watering, I'll get a decent crop of those. I also weeded the autumn onions and the broad beans, no blackfly yet, should nip out the tops as a precaution now.
(31-05-2020, 09:16 PM)JJB Wrote: [ -> ]You put me to shame Sariss, you make me feel old . Where oh where do you get the drive and energy? Smile

Not all my days are like this Smile Because I work full time and study for a degree part time, I don't have enough time to do stuff at home. I have had a few long weekends lately which has been lovely, and this is another long one - tomorrow is a day off too. My motivation has come from never having anywhere to put anything because my storage areas were so poorly equipped. With shelves, I could organise it which is such a relief after years of wanting to get it done, but always something more 'important'. And really, not all my days are like this lol Tomorrow will consist of fetching a barbecue from a friend's house and buying compost, but nothing much else planned Smile
Lots of watering, sown seeds, taken fruit bush cuttings. Weeding, planted seed potatoes in improvised spud bags. Compost bags with holes cut in the bottom.
Early morning watering followed by mulching potatoes with grass clippings.
Set up GH self watering and planted cucs on there.
Weeded parsnip bed it looked more like a viola bed. Big Grin
Tied in tomatoes, watered tunnels, earthed up spuds.
Weeded a bed and sowed lettuce plants.

Weeded onions and beetroot then sowed more onions only red this time.

Weeded and sowed cabbage plants
Today was meant to be a bit more peaceful... so I went to get some compost and I found some - ten bags for less than a tenner. Can't complain at that. Went to pick up a barbecue that a friend has donated to me, seeing as I can't get the gas barbecue I wanted delivered for quite a few weeks yet.

Got home and got the barbecue through the house. It's in a bit of a state, so I pressure washed the wooden shelves, and while the pressure washer was out, I did all my garden furniture too. The sun was high in the sky, so it was all soon dry, so I figured I might as well protect the wood with a bit of preserver. I re-arranged the garden so that everything will fit. Cooked dinner. Ate outside (whilst making a list of things still to do in my head)