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I hope you find your get up and go Danny - I hope your op goes well. I've had a pretty rubbish year in terms of produce, but massive progress in terms of infrastructure. New big greenhouse, masses of new veg beds and so on. All in good time Smile
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I'm with veggie on this one, a cup half full not half empty! Rolleyes Hope the op goes well and you get your mojo back! Cool
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Bren Offline
Danny its been a difficult growing year because of the heat but when you've got health problems as well it just gets harder.
Take care and all the best with your opp xx
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JJB Offline
I think we've all had failures this year Danny, don't be disheartened. My beans are dying, the chard tastes so strong and rather nasty and the courgettes are very sad. So you're not alone. Hopefully you'll feel better after you've recovered from the op, ready to start all over again. You see, next summer we'll all be moaning about too much rain.
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Hope the op goes well, Danny.

I was just recounting our allotment woes to my husband. We'll be buying Halloween pumpkins this year and we will literally not get a single courgette as it stands. Like Sariss, we are doing some infrastructure projects this year. Next year we try, try again.
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Well wishes for the op and a speedy recovery.

It has been a very hard growing year... I think I've even lost a couple of roses along with 2 fruit trees of 10 that I planted a few years back.... just so dry here and the relentless sun has dropped flowers so fast Sad
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