Leaf cutter bee?
Posted by: Jimny14 - 6 hours ago - Replies (3)

Just found this this evening, anyone else think it's anything other than the work of a leaf cutter bee? 
Pretty cool if it is, never seen evidence of one before.


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  Does size matter in the garden?
Posted by: Veggie - 7 hours ago - Replies (4)

That caught your eye, didn't it. Big Grin
I've been wondering whether its more productive to grow fruit and veg in a small space that can be cared for/protected easily  or in a larger space that cannot be.
For example, is it better to grow one small cherry tree that can be netted against birds or several larger ones that can't.
Or a couple of brassicas that you can watch over and net or rows of them that may be predated by birds. 
Would you prefer two decent cabbages or 20 holey ones ? 
A currant bush that is netted from birds or 6 bushes that aren't?

I think you can see where I'm going with this. Is small beautiful?

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  2022 seeds I’ve saved
Posted by: Small chilli - Yesterday, 10:09 AM - Replies (2)

It’s getting close to seed saving time.
Tell us what you’ve saved. It’ll probably prompt us to do the same. 
I’ve just saved some snakes head fertillary . And started collecting aubrieta seeds.

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  Quaking grass Briza Maxima
Posted by: JJB - 28-06-2022, 09:36 AM - Replies (13)

My non gardening pal's DiL has just moved into a house with a huge garden. They are not gardeners, unless you count hoovering AstroTurf gardening Smile, but DiL has expressed interest in quaking grass. Pal and I are on a mission to either buy a plant or some seeds for DiL today.  I know nothing about quaking grass, is it invasive?

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  NOT the Bargain basement!
Posted by: Veggie - 25-06-2022, 09:32 PM - Replies (2)

Offers that are so overpriced, they can't be true!!

For example, Sarah Raven is asking £5.95 for 5 onion seedlings. Even if they grow into whopping great onions, they can't be worth £1.20 each - and that assumes they all grow. 


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Lightbulb G&G Magazine
Posted by: Veggie - 25-06-2022, 12:26 PM - Replies (13)

Nutty idea. Big Grin
Imagine that you are copywriters for a new gardening magazine/newspaper to be called "Garden & Gossip".
Can you write an article or Letter to the Editor or any content that you think will entertain or amuse the Magazine's readers? Maybe a Quiz or puzzle, a handy tip or anything really - you can even submit some spoof advertising. Photographs are, of course welcome as they fill more space on the pages.

Over to you, let's see what our first edition (and probably the last) will contain.  Shy

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  Cuckoo flower
Posted by: Small chilli - 22-06-2022, 07:57 PM - Replies (3)

This I think is quite unusual. I’ve never seen one before. It’s a double cuckoo flower


I took photo of the leaves as well because I was very confused about this little fella.


If you think it’s something else. Please let me know.

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  Filling raised beds
Posted by: Jimny14 - 22-06-2022, 05:35 PM - Replies (3)

I'm thinking of getting round to redesigning my veg patch and building some new raised beds, the question is how to fill them? Has anyone any experience with hugel kultur? Apologies for possible poor spelling. Or any other style of filling beds with what I have around? I have wood and cardboard, grass clippings etc. I'm considering basically turning my new beds in to compost bins over the next year or two but obviously that will be slow. 
Was looking at hugel as you can build them up, top with soil and plant in to them fairly quickly. Im just not sure how they work long term.

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  Tomatoes that grow beyond the truss
Posted by: PyreneesPlot - 21-06-2022, 11:10 AM - Replies (3)

I'm sorry, there must be a technical term for this, but for tomatoes that continue growing at the end of the truss I'm wondering when or if you normally stop them, and if it is bad for the plant?
I have one growing up a string, variety as yet unknown because it comes from a mixed pack, that cannot be left to grow on this way because of lack of space. Is it best to cut off the growing tip as soon as it is obvious, or wait for the fruit to set? And how much do I leave - one leaf, nothing? With grape vines I always cut back to one leaf beyond the bunch of grapes, perhaps these kinds of tomatoes would do well treated the same way?!
I think I usually just remove everything beyond the fruit, and blight aside, tomatoes seem to be pretty robust!

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  Petrol strimmer
Posted by: Broadway - 18-06-2022, 01:30 PM - Replies (9)

Any recommendations please?

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