Rose health
Posted by: Small chilli - 20-05-2024, 07:43 PM - No Replies

Being very new to growing roses. One isn’t looking well. Any rose experts that can advise please. The leaves look horrible, but it’s still covered in buds. 


I have another rose ( different variety) planted next to it in the same bed , that looks fine.

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  Preventing weed growth on soil wall/slope
Posted by: doublyjonah - 20-05-2024, 03:27 PM - Replies (4)

Hi all, 

My allotment site is on a slope. My individual plot is higher on one long side than the other. From the weedy grassy path that runs between our plot and the neighbours', it's about a foot or more step down to my plot. That means some of my beds have a weedy wall with grass that grows down from the path. It is hard to strim and the overhanging grass causes a lot of pest damage to things growing in those beds 

Any ideas to practically mulch/cover/control the little wall/slope that won't be a complete haven for slugs etc?


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  New member - Red Hand
Posted by: Veggie - 13-05-2024, 08:59 PM - Replies (2)

Welcome, Red Hand. Tell us a little about yourself and your garden or allotment, please. Any questions, just ask - we'll do our best to answer them.

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  Growing a Zoo in your garden!
Posted by: Veggie - 11-05-2024, 10:35 PM - Replies (17)

There are Climbing French Beans called Cobra, Python and Rattlesnake and Snake beans. ........... & Tiger Beans.
What other animal "seeds" are there that could live in the garden?

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Posted by: Small chilli - 10-05-2024, 08:23 AM - Replies (15)

I have to confess I’ve just created the first (to my knowledge) plant hospital  Cool  
For those plants you knowingly buy that really aren’t suited to your garden environment and they struggle  Rolleyes . But you buy them anyway  Rolleyes
Unfortunately the doctor at this plant hospital doesn’t actually know she is now a plant doctor.  Blush .

PS. Veggie there’s a parcel on its way to you    Blush . 

It’s a few polianthes white pearl bulbs. If you want to feed them straight to mr hungry hot composter instead of faffing about with them please do.

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  Wish I had read the label?
Posted by: Vinny - 08-05-2024, 11:18 AM - Replies (9)

...........if I had, I wouldn't have bought my flavoured lamb steak with a minty marinade from Morrisons.

Eating carnivore means that I usually don't have to search a list of ingredients as 9 times out of 10 their is only one...............the meat itself!

I assumed a minty lamb steak would only have 'mint' as a flavouring?, how wrong could I be?

I was dismayed to find this list of ingredients!

Marinated Lamb leg steak 90%


Glucose syrup
Caster Sugar
Maize Starch
Demerara sugar
Chilli flakes
Chilli powder
Garlic powder
Onion powder
Tomato powder
Yeast extract
Red pepper flakes
Red pepper powder
Caremalised sugar powder
Yeast extract powder
Xanthan gum
Guar gum
Acacia gum
Ginger powder
Smoked paprika
Fennel seed
Cumin seed
Garlic flakes
Cayenne pepper
Corriander powder
Cinnamon powder
Beetroot powder
Dried garlic
Kibbled onion
Smoked salt
Acidity regulators
Citric acid
Malic acid
Sunflower oil
Fennel powder
Cumin powder
Paprika extract
Potassium chloride
Turmeric powder
Clove powder
Corriander leaf
Xanthum gum
Chilli pepper
Anniseed extract
Rapeseed oil
Caremelised sugar
Spirit vinegar
Lemon oil
Ginger extract
Coriander extract

In total 77 additives and 90% meat. I  think this is flaming ridiculous and in future will buy an unflavoured lamb leg steak and add a tiny bit of homemade mint sauce!!!! Rolleyes  Rant over, but check your labels folks! Big Grin

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Posted by: Small chilli - 07-05-2024, 12:08 PM - Replies (2)

Anyone know anything about fossils?
Is this one or am I just reading too much into it?

It’s pretty cool even if it isn’t   Cool . Then I do have a strange affection for rocks    Blush .


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  Red cabbage experiment!
Posted by: Veggie - 03-05-2024, 01:54 PM - Replies (1)


A couple of weeks ago I acquired a shrink wrapped red cabbage - and forgot about it! Today I found it by the smell. Sick However, all is not lost, its still firm and edible - just a few outer leaves that had rotted.
In an effort to survive, the poor old cabbage has thrown out some shoots, and roots under the wrapping. I've cut the stump off and I'm going to plant it, in the hope that it will regrow. Poor thing deserves a chance of life after its efforts.

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  What's your Vegan name!
Posted by: Veggie - 30-04-2024, 10:36 PM - Replies (13)


Don't be alarmed - you don't have to be a Vegan to play. All are welcome. Big Grin

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Thumbs Up That's another one ticked off!
Posted by: Vinny - 30-04-2024, 12:50 PM - Replies (10)

I'm 70 years old today and finally reached my three score years and ten. Cool I was born by Caesarean section and was a large baby so my biggest thoughts are for my poor Mother 70 years ago today. My brother and sister were also born Caesarian and in those days it wasn't a cut below the bikini line but a large incision right  up the middle.She had to live with that for the rest of her life.
It's a starnge feeling knowing you have hit what was once deemed to be a persons life expectancy and still have most of your, marbles,eyesight and reasonable health?

Here's to the next ?????? years! Big Grin

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