My allotment Walkthrough
Posted by: Vinny - 18-01-2022, 07:39 PM - Replies (10)

This is my allotment walkthrough I recorded today. Rolleyes

My prepared runner bean bed took 2 hours of work, levelling,de-stoning, de-weeding,taking out loads of plastic and digging.It was cold but sunshiny so was quite happy plodding along. Smile

 Once ground dries out a bit more I will re-dig and get the weed roots that I missed, which mainly comprised of nettles,couch grass and docks. Sick

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Posted by: JJB - 18-01-2022, 07:30 PM - Replies (9)

I believe that strawberry seeds and plants need a period of cold during the winter.  My question is regarding strawberry seeds (specifically SC's strawberry seed swap seeds). When putting the seeds into the cold do they need to be in/on the soil, i.e. sowed or do they have to be dry?

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Posted by: Broadway - 18-01-2022, 07:24 PM - Replies (14)

I'm Interested in peoples views regards a good idea or not?

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Heart Happy Birthday Pyrenees Plot
Posted by: Veggie - 18-01-2022, 11:31 AM - Replies (13)

Happy Birthday PP.
Hope you have the best birthday a PP couold wish for. xx

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  Flowers beginning with G
Posted by: Veggie - 17-01-2022, 10:08 PM - Replies (12)

Before Scarlet shouts at me again  (see F) I thought it was time to start another letter!
I've also Stickied the threads so we can add to them more easily.

So, let's go with Flowers beginning with G
Grape Hyacinth
Any favourites, likes, dislikes??

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  Purple growth on tree
Posted by: Jimny14 - 15-01-2022, 05:12 PM - Replies (3)


Anyone know what this stuff is, noticed it growing on the trunk and major branches of one of our trees.

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Lightbulb Seven Jobs for the week
Posted by: Veggie - 13-01-2022, 12:58 AM - Replies (25)

The idea is that you list 7 jobs that you want to do during the week and then report back on how you did. 
Complete all the jobs and you get a Gold Star;  Fail and it'll be something unpleasant. Wink

We'll start at the weekend - publish your List on Sunday, start on Monday and complete it by the following Sunday - something like that anyway!!

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  Perennial Veg Thread?
Posted by: Broadway - 12-01-2022, 07:32 PM - Replies (5)

I may have asked this before but is there a dedicated thread in the right section of the site, rather than one I may have started in the general discussion?

Sorry If I am not making any sense I'm knackeredSmile

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  2022 - How's Your Weather Today?
Posted by: PyreneesPlot - 10-01-2022, 01:03 PM - Replies (31)

Torrential rain for the last two days - we've had over 60mm in 24hrs and still have another nine or ten hours of heavy rain to come. It is no wonder we are on Red Alert for rain and flooding, plus avalanches in the mountains. Sad

This has followed two weeks of dry weather and is forcast to be followed by another fortnight of calm weather. 
Is this the new normal?

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Posted by: Scarlet - 09-01-2022, 08:24 PM - Replies (18)

Sorry, me again Big Grin I'm reading up on mint for cut flowers.

Now I've always got peppermint on the go, I've had the furry leaf one? But that died as the pot got neglected...had a few over the years and it's only peppermint that had survived. 
But I would like to try a couple for cut flowers, maybe just start a new one in a pot on my new patio....
Now chocolate mint didn't live for very long, I've never heard of buddlea mint? Any mints you think will grow a reasonable stem?

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