2021 - 52 weeks of doing something different
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Rest easy, JJB - its not that! I'm saving trees.Wink
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My list to date -
Week 1 Join Instagram - going well
Week 2 Eccles Cakes - will do these again
Week 3 Grow lemon tree from a pip - no sign of life!
Week 4 Make a Baguette - needs work
Week 5 Cinnamon buns - needs work
Week 6Spanish  still doing this a few tmes a week
Week 7 Make a dandelion salad - Umm.
Week 8 ?
Week 9 Smoke a fish Yummy - MrPP has now bought a smoker!
Week 10 ikea cabinets - Haven't collapsed yet
Week 11 kimchi - Rotted and binned Sad
Week 12 Went to the Dr alone
Week 13 Sowed home-saved cayennes - Can't wait to see what the fruit is like
Week 14 Up on the roof - Never again
Week 15 Made a genoise sponge for the first time - needs work
Week 16 Growing ginger  - not dead, or shooting, yet
Week 17 learning new phone - still works and survived when MrPP dropped it

And my Week 18 challenge is to not use social media at all from 3pm today (Friday) until midnight on Monday as part of the four day protest against racism and other online abuse. I use Facebook, twitter and now also Instagram regularly, so this will be a good challenge for me and for good reasons.
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Good idea, PP. I'll join you in the Social media Boycott. Just logged out of FB and won't go back until Tuesday.
Don't really "do" Twit or Insta anyway.
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(30-04-2021, 02:55 PM)Veggie Wrote: Rest easy, JJB - its not that! I'm saving trees.Wink

That's a relief. 
Already doing that sort of, one less sheet, might save me pennies and maybe a tree eventually.  Along with all the paper recycling,  I've started dismantling padded envelopes,  peeling off the paper from the bubble plastic.  Might not do much good but it makes me feel virtuous.
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