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(Yesterday, 08:31 PM)Broadway Wrote: Planted my JA's in 30 litre pots

Sawed/dismantled and dumped the plot fence that had fallen down

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I have a row of JA's on my plot as a windbreak for my runner beans. I haven't harvested them for a couple of years and just wonder whether the corms will get bigger or smaller the longer they are left? I would imagine smaller because of lack of nutrition but I aint sure? I suppose the only way to tell is to dig a few up! Smile
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Hacked my way into one of the Forgotten corners of the garden - this one has fruit bushes including one that produces long canes about 12' long, that root wherever they touch the ground. I stayed out of this area last year as a blackbird had built a nest a couple of feet off ground in a fruit bush. She raised her chicks in peace there and fed the babies on all the fruit that I should have had. Didn't begrudge it to her though!!. Just hoping she doesn't come back to the same place this year, the nest itself has disintegrated.

Did a lot of pruning of dead wood, tying in of canes and talking to Mr. Robin. Need to go back soon and dig up some docks, nettles and brambles, and finish the pruning.
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