Invasive garden plants
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I think that’s a very good idea. Putting the thugs together to fight it out. I have no idea who would win.
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Re-reading this thread has made me think I may have created a problem for myself Sad I've had a pot of Japanese anenome lurking and looking unloved but in flower. It was given by a pal. Tbh she did say its a bit of a thug. I've gone and planted it in the back of my flower border to fight with the plox and tall campanula. I have a feeling I might just regret it.
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Don't worry too much about the Japanese anenomes - mine have been in their spot for years and haven't gone rampaging everywhere. I don't mind if they do spread as they're so pretty.
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I like Japanese anemone flowers too and they're great a great forage for bees in autumn. They probably won't completely take over a border, ours don't get past the zone of death around the rhododendron for example. They're just hard to remove if you do ever want to get rid of them like I had to when planting the apple trees. They still pop up around the trees years later.
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