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Big hugs from me Mamzie, I cannot imagine the trials you've been having. Hope things improve.
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(25-10-2020, 03:49 PM)Mamzie Wrote: I have been so ill the last few months have done very little. I really went downhill, even had to have covid test to rule it out. But it turns out my thyroid had crashed again, so increased that dose. Plus my B12 was in deficiency. but because they keep messing with my meds, the GPs weren't treating it..

It took Rheumatology asking how I was finding the injections and then suggesting I have a conversation with the GPs over it, for them to actually start injections.. Just 2 injections down and I actually feel able to plan and do a few things... I have fallen so much more this year, been so exhausted, giddy, fatigued... Lots of things that link up. So praying I have one health issue that may be able to be helped.,
Hi Mamzie, I used to suffer from low B12 which resulted in fatigue no energy etc. My daughter suggested I get tested as I’m a diabetic and it is a side effect. I was put on a course of injections for about 3-4 months and after the first I could feel the difference.i had a very progressive GP at the time who thought me how to self administer the injection myself in my thigh. I buy the ampules in the Canary Islands, €8 for 6 x 2ml ampules, in Ireland it costs €5 per 1ml ampule and you need a doctors prescription to get it in the chemist. Alls well now, I can recognise the symptoms and just give myself a jab every now and then. I get the levels checked every 6 months when I’m getting my diabetes blood tests done. 

I hope you start to feel better soon. Virtual hug from over the water.  Rolleyes
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