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Mission Statement - Admin - 15-05-2020

Dear Forum Members

This forum is not designed to replace any other forum you visit, we are not exclusive but rather hope we are inclusive! When your old home is upgraded and fixed we hope you will still visit or indeed stay if you wish, we are only interested in gardening and having fun. The choice will always remain yours.

RE: Mission Statement - Veggie - 27-09-2020

I want to clarify something in case you have seen that long standing members of another forum have had their membership revoked, either by banning or becoming "Guests".
To be clear, I asked to have my membership removed, but as far as I know, the others have not and it has been a moderator's decision to do so without the courtesy of an explanation.

We at G&G have always believed that it is possible to be a member of 2 forums without conflict and will continue to do so. We may be small in numbers but we are all friends and long may we continue this way. Thank you.x

RE: Mission Statement - JJB - 27-09-2020

I believe I'm a member of 3, none are in conflict with any others.

RE: Mission Statement - Admin - 27-09-2020

As it says in the first post, we are inclusive not exclusive! We are very fortunate to have a great bunch of members who are here to pursue a common interest.

We have no hierarchy and all have equal shares in keeping this site, a fun and imformative place to be.

RE: Mission Statement - Baldy - 15-10-2020

I'll be trying to post a little more here - though real life rather than forum issues is the problem for me at the moment (nowt too much wrong just new job/ work overwhelming)

(can you say 'new job' after 6 months?)

RE: Mission Statement - Veggie - 15-10-2020

You can say "new job" for as long as you like, Baldy. We don't mind what excuse you use, just come and talk to us. Smile

RE: Mission Statement - Baldy - 24-10-2020

Well - contrary to most posters, I think I've always put more online when the growing season is over - so maybe my posts will increase now. I've basically got PSB growing and thats about it. Hope everyone is dong ok

RE: Mission Statement - Mamzie - 25-10-2020

I have been so ill the last few months have done very little. I really went downhill, even had to have covid test to rule it out. But it turns out my thyroid had crashed again, so increased that dose. Plus my B12 was in deficiency. but because they keep messing with my meds, the GPs weren't treating it..

It took Rheumatology asking how I was finding the injections and then suggesting I have a conversation with the GPs over it, for them to actually start injections.. Just 2 injections down and I actually feel able to plan and do a few things... I have fallen so much more this year, been so exhausted, giddy, fatigued... Lots of things that link up. So praying I have one health issue that may be able to be helped.,

RE: Mission Statement - Veggie - 25-10-2020

Hope you're soon fully recovered Mamzie.
Have a cwtch from me.x

RE: Mission Statement - PyreneesPlot - 25-10-2020

I shall be more active now the growing season is slowing down, too.
Best wishes Mamzie - chronic illness is utterly sh*te when not well managed Sad Hope you're turning a corner.