Scarlets Cut Flower Patch 2022/23/24
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Started planting out my daucus and ammi but it seems Voles have takin a fancy

I covered over some grass last year and I now have another 30ft bed for dahlias although now Im wondering if I should dig up the garden to Smile

Daffs are starting to come. 
Ive sown a few more snap dragons last month along with:
a double feverfew - snowball
a few scabious
White Lavetera
Bells of Ireland
Statice - Apricot and rose
Rats tail statice
Rudbeckia - marmalade
Lemon bergamot 

Yesterday I had a marathon seed sowing spree.
Foxgloves - camelot lavender and Camelot cream.
Straw Flowers - scarlet, silver rose
Silver cup lavetera
Tetra ruffled giant snaps
Lucky lips snaps
Cherry potomac snaps
Snow on the mountain euphorbia 
Florists Dill
White Agastache
Sand flower
Icelandic poppy
Echinacea - pinky/purple
Vebena hastata

Taken cuttings of geranium and vebena and a couple of dahlias... so far the dahlias have rotted
    peonies starting to come
    statice seedlings
    ranunculus planted up in the greenhouse border
    anemones starting to bush out and put up some flower stems
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Flowers cut today

Hello all, long time - no posts!...I've been so busy and struggling with eye/screen issues it has limited my screen/computer time.

My cut flower patch increases in size every month Big Grin... Ive managed to plant in 300 dahlias - its cold so nog many are flowering but they have started.

I am loving the research on suitable flowers for my patch and again wish I had more energy to dig a few more beds. 

The wheelbarrow flowers have become quite BBM popular and I just wish I had done it years ago. Super  excited to see my dahlias start and already sowong perennial seed for next years plants ( new beds)
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They're beautiful, Scarlet. What perennials are you sowing now?
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Lovely Scarlet.
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Greetings from Salisbury
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(06-07-2024, 08:55 PM)Veggie Wrote: They're beautiful, Scarlet. What perennials are you sowing now?
Im trying helenium lollipop. Euphorbia golden foam. Achillea - I already have a fabulous bed - but it needs refreshing. Verbena B - I already grow this but it doesnt over winter for me so I start new in the summer. Alchmilla mollis. Started some perennial honesty? Never seen that before but Derry Watkins at Special plants grow it so thought i would have a go.

Chaerophyllum Hirsutum var. roseum -??! anyone grow it? I saw it on a photp and thought it may suit my garden ? fingers crossed.
If anyone has any ideas for anything else I am all ears
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