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(02-06-2021, 01:57 PM)Veggie Wrote:
(02-06-2021, 12:37 PM)Broadway Wrote: Sorry almost certainly asked before but how often do people water their plots / veg?

I think Veggie mentioned only watering her greenhouses?
I've merged 2 threads about "Watering" n case you're confused. Smile
Thanks Veggie, very cleverSmile

As Jen started the first and me the 2nd I'll be interested if we both get alerted when the merged thread is updated?
Regards..........Danny Smile
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Oh yes, alert received here!
As the rain started.
I've been watering newly planted stuff in this hot spell every other day but the gh and pots every evening, if I get round to it. Some small pots are looking rather thirsty and dry.
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I have just made up some baskets and when mixing the compost I usually add some soil as I find it holds water better, especially with peat free composts, most of the baskets are filled with recycled compost which will have some soil in it, but I had posted in another thread I would be using soil for moisture retention and someone (my apologies for not remembering who, but did remember their tip) mentioned using seaweed for this, so I have made up 2 baskets using clean compost with seaweed mixed through it, so will be keeping a check on how they perform
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I usually mulch with with newspaper and grass clippings. A good water when planted out. I'm on a meter so I don't like to water much. Though I am losing plants due to drying out - this never used to happen. So I am watering new trees every few weeks. Ice lost a few blackcurrant bushes due to lack of water over the last couple of years.
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