Cumin, Coriander and Caraway seeds
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(24-01-2021, 12:10 PM)JJB Wrote: I like the leaves and always end up with the seedy one.  Prob best as P hates it like Vinny.
Nice to know I am not alone! Rolleyes
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The only coriander I can get to produce leaves is sown in the autumn  - it seems to overwinter well, producing lots of leaf in the spring. Anything sown after  about March just goes straight to seed, which is fine as I collect a good jar full each year, for eating and sowing. I haven't bought seed for a while, so guess I'm effectively selecting for seed production!
Caraway - horrid stuff Smile
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I suspect I would need to cover these if I grew then as there are too many birds that eat seeds round about. I grew some coriander once and went on holiday when seeds were nearly ripe but they were all gone when I came back 7 days later.
I put some bird seed out and there must be at least 30 birds that visit.
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I’ve grown coriander for seeds. I dried them on the plant, then dried them some more. Put them in a spice jar and they went mouldy. Obviously they needed considerable more drying. I’ll have another go.
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My coriander bolted last year, so I picked the seeds green and used them in curry.

This year I bought some Nigella sativa seeds, often referred to as "black cumin" although they're not related - the flowers look a lot like regular nigella but white rather than blue. They're known as kalonji in Indian cooking - I like them in a mix with sesame seeds, poppy seeds, garlic granules and onion flakes as a sprinkle on salads, avocado toast, etc.
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Just picking up this thread and giving it a shake as I've been sorting my herb seed stash and found numerous packets of coriander seeds. I'm thinking of sowing (chucking) them under the fruit bushes as ground cover - a sort of edible mulch/green manure.
I've no idea what a patch of coriander looks like - only seen it in pots. If left to go to seed maybe it would self seed for the following year?
Any thoughts?
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I’ve had coriander self seed before. It self seeded under the weed fabric I cover beds with in winter.
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Coriander definitely self seeds if you let it. Most of those I've grown have been 3ft tall and bolt like billy-oh. A bit like dill which does the same thing for me. Never managed to grow a short leafy variety of either.
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I like the taste of green coriander seeds before they’re dried.
Also, as an aside I’ve got dill popping up in the pots of dead stuff lying around.
Must throw out the dead stuff once I’ve saved the, little dill seedlings
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My coriander selfseeds I usually leave them to grow so long as it’s not in the way.
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