Harvesting herbs
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The best time to pick herbs for drying is June/July before they flower. 
Pick them on a dry day, early morning, when the dew has disappeared and before the sun dispels the volatile oils.
Pick off the dead and damaged leaves.
Rinse if they look dusty.

Various ways to dry them. 
I tie them in bunches and hang upside down in a cool room. 

After that its up to you, store them, cook with them, use instead of cut flowers, scent your rooms/pillows.............
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I’ve never had much luck drying herbs. Last thing I tried was oregano after it had been dried I kept it in a jam jar. When I came to use it it smelt and tasted of straw !
I usually pick blitz in the blender with I little water. Pack into ice cube trays. Once frozen put them into bags in the freezer.

Thanks for the reminder to start picking  Smile .
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I don’t bother, as long as I have parsley and thyme all year round I’m happy.
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