Green fly in my greenhouse already!
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(29-04-2023, 10:06 PM)Farendwoman Wrote: Yet to see ladybirds anywhere - other than indoors in the spare unseated bedroom/box room.
But I have got ginormous lupin aphids in my cold greenhouse. . Huge great things.
Would it be cruel to move my ladybirds to an unseated greenhouse?
Don't think ladybirds need seats so they should be OK. Big Grin
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Oh the power of the autocorrect!
Well spotted Veggie …. (Get it … spotted!)
I’ve been chuckling at the picture in my head of all the little ladybirds sitting on chairs munching greenfly.
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I found some greenfly on one pepper plant in the greenhouse today. We grow all year round in there so there's not much chance to do a deep clean, and I'm too lazy for that anyway. Got to keep a look out for their white skin moultings. Catch them early and they don't become a big problem. Lots of hoverflies around the last few days too.
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Just thought it worth mentioning that as I am reaching the end of my tomato growing and still have chillies waiting to bear fruit, this year I planted lots of marigolds and nasturtiums around my tunnel and thankfully no green fly, white fly or any other of these nasties, I still have them growing, but I did take out a number of nasturtiums that has started going to seed and I wanted to plant my winter spuds.
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