Bombay bronze cockscomb
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I’m going to be keeping a reference of how I’m growing Bombay bronze cockscomb. 

I had a feeling they were going to be tricky when the tiny seeds arrived in bubble wrap inside the seed packet. Never seen that before.

Attempt 1. sown seeds in a segment of a 6 cell tray in a bag in the airing cupboard. They germinated within 5-6 days. I then pricked them out into a pot of room temperature compost. Moved them to the dining room window. Under the grow light with the chillies. Within a week they were all dead. 

Attempt 2. Sown into their own pot of pre warmed compost. Pot placed with chillies under the grow light. Also added a heat mat underneath and put a designer cloche ( half pop bottle    Big Grin ) over them. Again they germinated within 5-6 days. They’ve been going from strength to strength. The babies are growing nicely.

Builder that would like to go play in the garden.
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FEW grows celosia, I tried flamingo feather last year and they loved the summer heat. Really lovely pink spikes.
Bombay celosia are usually grown a a single stem plant - they don't branch like the others, so one and done? So takes up a bit too mycb space for me.
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