2023 - Seeds I've saved
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(11-09-2023, 05:10 PM)Farendwoman Wrote: Orlaya has never done well for me (heavy clay soil) so have given up on it.
Get just one picking and then that’s it - finished.
Anyone else find it a useful cut flower??
Me! Autumn sowing only - ive tried a later sowing and the plants are rubbish compared to those started in Autumn
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While helping Bob at work. I spotted some alstroemeria seed heads. So I collected a big handful of them. Being very ill equipped for seed collecting I just put them in a little cubbyhole on the dashboard. While on the journey home they started going off like flipping grenades! I had to cover them with an empty crisp packet to stop them taking out an eye. I didn’t realise they went off like that. They’re more violent than Himalayan balsam!

(Not put in crisp packet because didn’t want them getting greasy)
Builder that would like to go play in the garden.
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Derby Stripe tomatoes, Blue iris and scabious.
The Moneyless Chicken says:- 
Use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without.
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More yin yang, Vermont cranberry and Jacobs cattle gold DFB. Tall scotch prize marigold. Calendula.
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Wild Galapagos tomatoes
(Solanum Cheesmaniae)
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Climbing nasturtiums
Strawberry Blonde french marigolds
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