Which Beetroot?
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Boldor is good. Yellow beetroot seem to have much worse germination than red though. I think the yellow ones taste a bit sweeter too. The only way I eat beetroot is raw (usually grated with equal parts carrot plus some olive oil and vinegar dressing) or blended in soup, I really don't like the texture of roasted beetroot.
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I tend to grow lots (because P likes them) then forget to thin them, then the rest of the produce comes in and they get forgotten in favour of beans and courgettes. I've got cylindra, boltardy, choggia, crosby's Egyptian, touchstone gold and golden eye currently languishing in the patch. I too find the yellow ones sweeter but as Scarlet said they can look a bit grey after pressure cooking and I found the yellow ones bolted more than the red. I think I'd better start using some up and doing a taste test.
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(07-10-2022, 11:35 PM)Scarlet Wrote: Omi really dont find them messy... scrub in the sink and roast worh whatever im cooking at the time. Balsamic vinegar and garlic

You're right - it's me that is messy, not the beetroot, to be fair lol

I still grow both red and yellow beetroot. I love them.
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Its peeling the skins off that's the messy part - I look like something from a horror film afterwards - before anyone says it - I do all the time. Big Grin
If I only want a few beetroot, I microwave them.
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I pressure cook them like JJB and the skins just slide off.
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I scrub, top and tail and then roast with the skins on and then they slide off...

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