2023 - Pumpkin competition
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Mine will have to take its chances wherever there's room outside. I'm beginning to regret being cashiered into this Smile I don't even want a giant pumpkin really. I'm probably safe, it'll be miniscule. My single ichi kuri this year was perfectly formed and ripened but only 3" diameter. Hence the resolve to steer clear of storing pumkins/squashes next year except for trombas. But who can resist free seeds Big Grin
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(17-11-2022, 10:49 AM)Small chilli Wrote: How and where is everyone going to grow their giant pumpkin?

I’m thinking once germinated and big enough. Plant in the polytunnel bed. Digging a big hole filling it with manure,  homemade compost and seaweed.
I'm a "Bung it in and hope for the best " pumpkineer. Had no success with any squashes this year so my method is clearly not foolproof.  Blush
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In the pumpkin patch?
Bit of homemade compost, maybe some BF&B if I have any left by the time of planting.
Weekly comfrey feed, if I remember.
Hopefully there'll be enough natural rain because it'll be sacrificed if we can only use the watering can from the tap.
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We had zero luck with pumpkins this year despite growing perfect jack o lantern size ones the last couple of years. It'll have to be outside on the plot. We had good luck with composting in situ and planting into the rubbish ? so we'll do similar next year. We have water butts and shed set up now, so it'll get the royal treatment when it comes to watering. And then I'll just have to hope that the small helpers don't trample the vine or pick the pumpkins off when tiny.

Oh, I've also seen some advice about burying growing nodes to improve root system before allowing fruit to set. Depends if they get going early enough to consider doing that or if I'll just be crossing my fingers for anything to actually ripen again.
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It'll be outside for my pumpkins, as the greenhouses, no matter how many I have will be dedicated to plants that really do like the heat.

So pumpkins don't stand a chance and will have to rough it outside Smile
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