Growing Nut trees
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Not sure if it's a nut or a seed? This won't help, but is very funny.

We have wild hazelnuts in the hedge and a beautiful purple hazel, but the wildlife always beats us to the nuts Sad  I watched a greater spotted woodpecker systematically collect the nuts, wedge them in the top of a fence post, break them and then feed them to a very noisy youngster!

Our walnut has its very first nut this year.  The tree is six years old.
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Very funny, PP. Thanks for finding it. Big Grin
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I remember when I was a young child gathering hazel nuts then taking them to a tree house I had made in the top of a tree. I would then shell them and chuck the shells at passers buy who would look up but be unable to see me! Big Grin
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(25-07-2022, 11:15 PM)JJB Wrote: PS why is the rash round your ankle?

I don't know. It can be anywhere, but the most common places (97% apparently) are the extremities, so wrists and ankles. When I ate a lot of cashew butter ( I don't now, it's too expensive), I sometimes got a rash, and it was always on an ankle. I think cashews are better processed now. The irritant is actually between layers of the shell, which is why you can't buy cashews in the shell.
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