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I've been thinking about Corners recently - the Corners at the bottom of the garden. How a corner can be something special or untidy and a dumping ground.
Some people put compost bins or sheds in their corners, or maybe a sitting area?
What do you do with yours? Do you have any special Corners?
I admit that I haven't seen my Corners for a few years - they're overgrown and deep in brambles. Just wishful thinking on my part - maybe one day I'll see them again. Big Grin
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My corner is were I grow JA’s it’s behind the shed and French bean row.
It’s an odd shape that goes to a sort point so it keeps the JA’s contained.
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Chicken coop in one corner, the shape of a corner sofa.
Massive greenhouse in the other.
Greenhouse at the corner of the garden where the path down the side of the house comes into the garden.
The other corner will be our social sitting area once we have the summer house in place Smile
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I have a compost corner, and one chest high in cut but rotting firewood. It's birch that we didn't use in time, but makes a good spot for wildlife, the effect slightly spoiled as we also store spare building materials and the cement mixer there too! But then beyond the fence our late neighbour dumped all the farm machinery he no longer used, so it's a bit of an eyesore anyway. 
The third has the good firewood, split, neatly stacked and covered.
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I have a very organised compost corner but instead of corners I tend to have cubby holes, out of the way, hopefully out of sight stash places. Under conifers is a good one, I've got scaffold planks under some, bags of stones under another and loads of useful stuff under yet another. In one true corner I've a rabbit burrow filled with stones, you guessed it, under another conifer. It's not that I like conifers just that they were planted buy previous occupier in many cases years ago as screens.
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At present the garden here is split into 4 different areas. So that’s lots of corners. Lots of them have shrubs or trees. Others have sheds. Others are gates.

In the new garden the plan is also to split garden into areas. I will definitely have a compost bin corner. I’ll have trees and shrubs in others ( in the cottage garden) don’t really know about the rest of the corners yet.
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