Transplanting roots?
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Afternoon folks,

Firstly can we have an Everything Roots section, apologies if there is one and I've missed it! ( New section opened just for you, Broadway.)

Anyway, everywhere I've read you can't transplant carrots or parsnips so has anyone tried?
Regards..........Danny Smile
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Methinks you may get away with transplanting stump rooted varieties. Smile There's always the issue of 'The Fly' getting a sniff of them while you are doing it though. Rolleyes

I have transplanted parsnips into missed areas in rows before with some success, never tried carrots though. Huh
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I've transplanted both and ended up with wonky/forked roots.
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I've never tried it, and I have seen carrots with perfect 90 degree angles because of transplanting. They look funny, but are of course perfectly edible Smile
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