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Planted out most of the free spuds I received for 6 courgette seedlings.
I'm trying to avoid the usual slug problems by planting them in 30 ltr pots but they take a lot of compost and I'm not prepared to buy fresh compost for spuds. It would be cheaper to buy the spuds from the shop. I've half-filled the pots with Mr Greedy compost and topped it up with grass cuttings and haylage. Some of the spuds have gone into neat haylage in a big, raised-bed like cube sitting on soil. Not sure whether this will work!
The rain came before I could find a home for the last 6 spuds. Tomorrow, maybe. Big Grin
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All my clary seedlings have curled up and died - yet while I was out there ho ho hoeing today I spotted at least a dozen self sown seedlings from last year. Crazy isn’t it!
Was tempted to pot them up, but then thought they’re probably better off staying where they are.
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Planted a couple of Beth alpha cucs into my GH border the third one will be going in a pot.
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Finished the mass water and mulch, and then decided to move ALL the seed trays and young plants in pots into the garage (it has a window) to avoid the heat while we're away.
Replanted an aubergine that found itself on top of a mole hill!
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Other than receiving/shifting the compost, I haven't been at all productive today. We've had the interim (pending the inquest) death certificate through for my Grandma, so I have had a conversation about what the currently proposed cause of death means with my Mum. It would probably make me feel better to do some gardening, but I'm just not really in the mood to get going. I think I've been putting up a front at work, so suddenly hitting a day off has got me all contemplative and worn out.
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Planted Blauhilde fcb then some land cress and a mini bell tom into its final pot.
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Did some weeding - lots of weeding lately!
Planted out some Karma Choc dahlias I've had growing in pots in recent years, I like these as they have dark leaves which the slugs tend to leave alone and the stems are sturdy so they don't require staking. Highly recommended.
Planted out the Tasty King and Crystal Apple cucumbers, they were getting too tall for their pots.
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