Pear glut
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As the title suggests, I have an absolute glut of pears, some have been bottled in port as well as some in brandy.

Any other suggestions for preserving/using pears?
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I made pickled pears once - only once because I've never had a glut of pears since!!
The recipe was something like this one
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You could ferment them and make Perry I.e. Babycham Wink
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Well I just cook down for use in pies/tarts later. Gorgeous with a mix of other fruits.

I also use in a chutney with apples - its delicious- the best chutney I makes and one I'm asked for lots. I use it for starter with pate, lovely on a cheese board...but I'm sat down and I can't be bothered to get up tonight - Big Grin - will write it up tomorrow
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A pear glut? I wish. I have one very manky pear from 2 trees. I would poach, freeze and feed to P, but that's no help to you Boss. Smile
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It might be a bit last but I just spotted this recipe when I was browsing, its called Pear honey, it doesn't contain any honey though.
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