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Well done PP, so glad to hear Didi is safe now. Let us know if you manage a visit!
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Here he is in the trap     at home and then at the SPA      later in the morning. He doesn't look impressed!

The vet will come and see him today and they'll also check for a chip or tattoo. Of course there's always the chance that he's not lost, simply another farm dog not fed well and left to wander Sad who has stumbled onto a good thing. But he doesn't behave like one.

I've heard it said (from a French friend) that in towns people fence their gardens to keep their dogs in and in the countryside they fence their gardens to keep dogs out!
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He'll soon come out of his shell once he knows where his food comes from!
Hope he's not returned to a farmer that doesn't care.
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I've everything crossed he comes out of his shell and finds a forever home where he can be happy.
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Well done PP for being so caring and a big hearty thank you on behalf of Didi.
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