Picking Early Jalapeno
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Hi Chilli people, based on the size I've seen sliced Jalapeno in jars or on pizzas Smile am I right in saying these are about ready to pick or do I leave to grow bigger or show some sign of ripening? The variety was named as Early Jalapeno.
Biggest ones are about 3" long and 1" wide. Will they get hotter if I leave them on and be milder if i picked earlier?

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You can pick the bigger ones if you like or you can leave them. They can keep for quite a good while on the plant. You don’t have to pick them the minute they’re ready.
Early jalapeño are quite hot for jalapeños anyway it won’t make much difference in heat when you pick. I don’t think.
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Thanks SC. I'll pick one and give it a try. I'm looking for a low medium heat sort of chilli I could slice and add raw to a salad, will see if it works.
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