Good Morning, Afternoon, Evening, Night!
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Good morning everyone ?

Hopefully you will all have a fun and happy day.

Please have a play and let us know if you have any issues with the new site

Be safe ☺
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Good morning admin
I’ll probably be finding my way around this lovely new site today?. So apologies if I break anything ?. As it’s not playing in the garden weather ?
Builder that would like to go play in the garden.
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Morning just having a look around Smile
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Smiley practice. 

Seems we're only allowed one ATM and it doesn't show in the reply box. Oh wait, there's another smiley button here!  Tongue   Big Grin

What happened to my "good morning" post? Did I forget to post it after previewing it? Probably clicked <preview> again, I'm used to the post button being to the right.

That's odd. It's added that post to my last post instead of making a new post. What did I do?

It did it again. Must be 'cos I used the quick reply instead of new reply. I like it. it will make doing immediate edits to add stuff faster.  Wink

Right, well that time I used <new reply> and it still added to my original post. Must be it needs a different user in between before it moves away from the post. Clever!
Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished  – Lao Tzu
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Phew, its a lot to take in at once. Methinks I need to spend some time getting acquainted with site.
"The problem with retirement is that you never get a day off"- Abe Lemons
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Moth, Your First post is where you left it - in Introduce myself.
The Moneyless Chicken in Sunshiny South Wales.  Big Grin
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Having another go after clicking away from this thread to see if it will start a new post or not.

BTW, TWO <like> buttons  Big Grin ..................but I can still only give one like............ Sad

Quote button doesn't work yet. I get <You have selected one or more posts to quote. Quote these posts now or deselect them.> ???

(18-05-2020, 09:41 AM)Veggie Wrote: Moth, Your First post is where you left it - in Introduce myself.

Ah, you have to click on that to add the quote instead of it automatically being inserted into the reply box.

VC, not that one which was two days ago. I mean the one I wrote today in this thread.
Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished  – Lao Tzu
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Only 1 Like button now Smile If you save to draft by to your username at the top of the screen is a down arrow, click on that and select user CP.

Scroll down to the miscellaneous section and you will find a folder called saved drafts.
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Can the Man with the van
Do we loose all the posts fromP2P ?
Coffee keeps me busy until it’s acceptable to drink whiskey.

Hopefully not Can...will do my best
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