Growing sunflowers with peas or beans
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I would like to grow sunflowers but I don't have a lot of space to do that, but wondered if I could use them as supports for either peas or runner beans, but not sure if it would work or what would be the better option of the two to try it with
Or do you think that possibly I have come across a bad influence Rolleyes
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I grow sunflowers at either end of both my bean and pea rows, then odd ones pop up in the actual rows not sure how they would do as supports though because my tall peas need netting of some sort.
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I like the idea. Do it.
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I'd give it a go - beans rather than peas maybe - I tend to stake sunflowers anyway so that's one set of poles instead of two!
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They would be no good as supports as they need a bit of support themselves. They could help actually if planted at intervals instead of canes along the row but not sure they would be big enough when needed.
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Thanks for the replies, I have now sown the sunflowers and will sow the beans in six weeks time, I am hoping that doing it that way the flowers will tall enough for the beans to start climbing up
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That's the sunflowers sown, now needing some patienceRolleyes
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