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NGs diary 2022 - Norfolk Grey - 05-02-2022


Around 10 or more years ago hubby and I decided we would like a small holding/micro holding and it needed to have a minimum of an acre. We would have ginger piggies (tamworths), golden Guernsey goats, black Norfolk turkeys and norfolk grey chickens etc (the sky was the limit  Rolleyes ). So after becoming thoroughly disheartened as anything with the slightest bit of land where we lived then was classed as equestrian, which seemed to put the price up tenfold, then anything that was further out at what seemed reasonably priced was just yuk house wise or went before we even got a chance to view. So having shelved the idea as I was pregnant, one day hubby randomly looked widening the search when he found something. Due to the circumstances we arranged for a viewing but didn't get our hopes up as we thought it would go before we got a look in. So viewing day came and 8 months into my pregnancy I waddled around part of the paddocks with waist high grass (soay sheep being in the other part) refusing to climb the stiles over the fences, stopped and looked at hubby and said it is perfect, the bones are all here and he agreed, so we bought it.

We moved in just over nine years ago and we never did get the pigs or the goats, as I fell pregnant again, my girls still want ginger piggies (as pets, as I have become intolerant to pork in the last couple of years and it was strange explaining to small children they were meant for eating). It is only 3/4 of an acre but it is plenty. In the first year we moved here I often stood on the patio with a feeling of something wasn't right when I realised there was a definite lack of colour (with the exception of good ole daffs).

So in the last nine years one paddock was a cut flower garden briefly as I attempted to start a business, but that was pretty much a non starter for a number of reasons. The last of our poultry and waterfowl went last year so am thinking of turning the paddock into garden, but that is another years project. I have dabbled with fruit tree grafting and training trees. Introduced various borders with an array of plants most of which are begged, stealed and borrowed. Now following my decline in gardening over the last several years my aim for this year is to focus on the veg patch.


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RE: NGs diary 2022 - Norfolk Grey - 05-02-2022

Monthly Update

To be continued.... Smile

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RE: NGs diary 2022 - Norfolk Grey - 06-02-2022

Monthly Update

Woohoo I have a plan. Thankfully most of the structure is the same and still there, I have spent a few weekends trying to reclaim the patch and in all honesty it has been easier than expected, unfortunately I do not have any before photos but I have made a good dent in it although still plenty to do (which is no surprise). So my plan is:-


Ooo, I forgot I would like to transplant my mulberry to the fruit area near the compost bit and yes folks my fartichokes are near my butt (you juvenile lot  Rolleyes)

So most time so far has been spent in the back section, which is my perennial bit which doesn't seem half as impressive without the before photos. The paving slabs however were no where to be seen before so you will just have to trust me. Obviously quite a few things have not survived but whilst my seed stash has aged there is plenty of it so I should soon be able to get this back to near full. Fingers crossed.

above is back/ perennial part of the patch from the central-ish path

above is from the very back of the patch

More recently I have moved to the front/ annual section, which whilst still quite easy considering it is rather boring, so I have flitted amongst other bits hacking back brambles and trees. I am also waiting on a cardboard delivery (yes he had forgotten)

[attachment=4436] [b][attachment=4437][/b]
Left: is from the front of the patch but in a corner, Right: is from the front entrance gate.

It is all looking promising with plenty to do but I am doing it and getting all excited at well so fingers crossed I keep going.

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