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NGs diary comment thread - Norfolk Grey - 05-02-2022

Yes, I am being pedantic/picky/peculiar/pick your own word. Feel free to comment about that on this thread. In the meantime I will be working on my actual diary x x x Big Grin

RE: NGs diary comment thread - Veggie - 05-02-2022

Patiently procrastinating, pending publication ...............

RE: NGs diary comment thread - Norfolk Grey - 05-02-2022

Veggie you are awesome!!! (Just felt the need to say that)

RE: NGs diary comment thread - Veggie - 05-02-2022

I know...........and so are you, NG. Big Grin
I've just read your diary. Apart from the pregnancy bit, it felt very familiar. I'm sure most of us have similar dreams of a piece of land, some livestock and lots of veg and flowers - then life/reality get in the way and bring you back to earth, with and without a "bump".
Its a new year, a new plan and I wish you well. I know you can do it NG. Do I really have to wait a month for the next instalment? .

RE: NGs diary comment thread - Norfolk Grey - 05-02-2022

Te he he, I only put to be continued as it was din dins. I shall hopefully get the update with pics on for tomorrow, but after that you are likely to have to wait a month I don't wish to bore anyone silly.

RE: NGs diary comment thread - Veggie - 05-02-2022

Never bored reading about other people's hard work!! I can sit and read it all day.Big Grin

RE: NGs diary comment thread - Proserpina - 05-02-2022

It certainly looks a good patch for a veg garden!

RE: NGs diary comment thread - Mark_Riga - 05-02-2022

Very interesting beginning, looking forward to the next installment. You probably missed a lot not having goats and pigs but they could have been good or bad experiences.
We did something similar, 45 years ago but straight from getting married. Our first house had a brick built pigsty and some outbuildings so the first animals we got were 2 weaners from the local livestock market. Anyway, a few months later, I don't think my mother-in-law was very happy eating pork for lunch. We didn't stay there very long and where we live now doesn't have pigstys. When selling, I advertised it in the local paper: "Pigsty for sale (3 bed semi attached)." I only advertised it the once and it sold the same week.

We also kept 3 goats for a few years here. I agreed to have them on the strict understanding that I had nothing to do with them. However, the day after they arrived, Chris, my wife, was admitted to hospital because of a dangerous pregnancy complication and was in hospital for several months leaving me to milk and care for the goats. She never did take over when she came out. They were very destuctive and couldn't get enough of raspberry plants given the chance. I had a small rotavator at the time and all the wires on it disappeared one day. One of them must have eaten them but none fell unwell so it was a mystery.

RE: NGs diary comment thread - Veggie - 05-02-2022

I used to want a Dexter cow, rather than goats as I'm not that partial to goat milk. Needless to say, my thoughts on converting the garage into a cowhouse didn't go down too well - no idea why. Wink
All I've had in terms of livestock are chickens and bees - that's my limit and, even the bees have gone now.

RE: NGs diary comment thread - Vinny - 06-02-2022

You have set yourself a task there NG and hopefully it will work out for you. Cool

Looking forward to updates in future! Smile I always wanted to buy a croft but OH was a City Girl and not really into gardening or animal husbandry. Too old now, but maybe in a future life! Rolleyes