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I was watching the little birds at the bird table and one great tit would pick up a sunflower seed then perch on the edge of the table. There it would hold the seed between its feet, peck out the kernel then go back for another.
There were 2 dunnocks flitting about on the floor underneath hoovering up anything that was dropped off the table by the other birds.

In the garden I repaired a rabbit fence then weeded a patch so I can plant some lilies and gladioli bought by my son. I'll have to think what I can buy him that will mean he has to do some extra work that he isn't planning for.
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Did some tidying up of all the bags and bits I had lying about at the plot this morning so I now have...

2 x 900litre bags of manure plus a few bin bags

2 x 900litre bags of leaves

1 x 900litre bag of paper/card shreddings

Also sown some more seed this afternoon
Regards..........Danny Smile
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Finished off tidying up my strawberry plants, fed them all with some sulphate of potash and moved them back into the poly tunnel.
Sowed some lettuce leaves seeds, also topped up the ericaceous compost on my blueberry plants, also fed them some liquid feed an some sulphate of potash.
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Playing with the whacker plate again. Hopefully got it all packed down enough for a 20 ton lorry to reverse onto!
Planted an oak tree. Hope it doesn’t drown. 

Isle of Mull
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