Overwintering geraniums
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Well it's still too cold outside. I have some on my bedroom windowsills. So you could have them
Down by a window. Move out to a greenhouse when the temps warm up a little? I do have some in the greenhouse - those that I wasn't worried about losing. I missed one and forgot to fleece - that's dead. There's about 12 others that are under my bench covered in several layers of fleece. They are ok so far.

House ones are looking much better.

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Thanks Scarlet

I do not have a GH so will leave them as is for now.

When could i consider putting them out or in a blowaway?
Regards..........Danny Smile

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When you put your annual summer bedding out, that's when mine go outside. After your last frosts.
Though I will pull off the fleece of mine that are in the greenhouse when they start some new growth. There is none yet, they are just sat there ticking over.
I did pick through mine a few days ago taking out all the dead leaves....but I've only watered sparingly as they are in the GH. The compost is kept really dry.
I have started some scented and some more species pelargonium from seed just after Christmas. They are so slow from seed but as they were mixed bag I'm quite excited to see what I get.
One species that I grew last year was amazing - probably not for every one. But the leaves were huge and furry and it had a flower similar to the hybrids on a very long stem...about 2 foot. I'm a bit hooked with the oddities.
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