2020 Seed Swap Circles
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Hardy perennial
I'll probably have some CFB "Cobra" spare, as they just keep going and going - in the wet windy spell we had in August, I wasn't able to pick many so they went over, then after I picked those to dry, the plants had a second spurt!

Would be interested in a few purple-podded CFBs to try (easier to find among the leaves!) or a mild chilli.
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Mine are mainly tomatoes I am sorry - I am a bit of an addict x
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(24-09-2020, 09:26 PM)doublyjonah Wrote: So far, I think I'll have

Calendula "Sherbet Fizz"
Tomato: Yellow Pear, Blush, Marmande, Plum Roma, Gardener's Delight, Black Cherry, Violet Jasper (Blush and Violet Jasper for JJB)
Cosmos (Fizzy Rose Picotee) (All the flowers for Scarlet!)
Sweet peas (Purple Pimpernel and a random red sweet pea)
Scabiosa (Blue annual, temporarily misplaced the name)
Bijou mangetout (maybe around 10?)
Vermont Cranberry DFB (around 10-15?)

Sorry, it's not a complete list but I'm getting excited so I wanted to share. Please note, I haven't saved many of these types of seed before so I'm also worried that they'll be duds!

Looking like having (relatively) loads of Tiger CFB and potentially Mrs Connell's Black Runner Beans, and a few White Crown-Flowered Peas. All from seed from a previous forum originally, so I have limited info about them. I love growing beans Big Grin I hope someone else does too or I won't be much good in a swap.
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IIRC Tiger beans came from Scarlet, Mrs Connell's maybe Scarlet or Norfolk grey and White Crown peas came from nellie-m in Germany.
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Sorry, bit late to the party. Is it an 'all sorts' circle. I don't have much of anyone thing this year. Happy to start a seed parcel if that is of interest to anyone (box of seeds get sent one at a time down a list of peeps and you take out and put in whatever you fancy so it costs you a small parcel price to post on to the next person in the list)
1 seed, 2 seed, 3 seed, 4....
5 seed, 6 seed, 7 seed, more!

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Its an "All sorts" circle at the mo, NG.
We haven't considered a seed parcel as an option........so far!
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