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Took advantage of the glorious weather to go for a final motorcycle ride before lockdown and then winter. Having seen no queues outside a supermarket we went and did our weekly shop a day early so we could both go - stocks were low but we bought everything we would normally get.
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The garden will get lots of attention from tomorrow especially with the weather set frustratingly fair.
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I realised one of the varieties of seed I sowed yesterday needed to be in the propagator. So moved that. Harvested chillies, put them straight into the dehydrator, made a cheese cake & crocheted a hat .
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I've removed the last of my Toms from the GH and put lettuce in its place.

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Today, while it was dry and bright I finally got around to mowing my lawn. Cool I think this may be the last cut this year, but I may be wrong. Rolleyes
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