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WimBerry picking... - Mamzie - 03-08-2020

Have 3 children up the mountain with me, on forced WimBerry picking today... Looking forward to a nice WimBerry pie and custard as a reward later.

Anyone else out picking?

RE: WimBerry picking... - Veggie - 03-08-2020

I'll be picking blackberries later, if that counts!

RE: WimBerry picking... - Scarlet - 03-08-2020

My dad used to force us kids to pick them when we were little with a wooden board dotted with nails - child labor ?

RE: WimBerry picking... - Veggie - 03-08-2020

Did he hit you with it? Smile

RE: WimBerry picking... - Mamzie - 03-08-2020

Ah, I remember child labour Wimberry picking very well... Told mine it was a treat Smile

RE: WimBerry picking... - Vinny - 03-08-2020

Is Wimberry the same as Blaeberry or Bilberry? Huh Never heard of Wimberry. Cry

RE: WimBerry picking... - Veggie - 03-08-2020

I know them as Whinberries but they have lots of different names - probably local.

RE: WimBerry picking... - Can the Man - 03-08-2020

In Ireland we call them Fraughans, they have a connection to Celtic festivals and the last Sunday in July was generally known as fraughan Sunday.

RE: WimBerry picking... - Scarlet - 03-08-2020

I think they come by several names, though wimberries from the area I grew up. This link say they are bilberries elsewhere

RE: WimBerry picking... - Mikey - 30-08-2020

I find them in large quantities whenever we go camping down west. The dunes around freshwater east is a particular favourite haunt. Really nice with some breakfast after walking the dog.