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Cabbage / Greens advice - Broadway - 12-04-2021

Evening Folks

I've not really grown any brassicas of note in the past and am after a bit of advice.

What can I grow that gives me "spring like greens" from now ish to possibly next spring? I have various seeds that say sow at different times and I'm a tad confused. I wondered if there was something generic I could grow and pick for 5-6 months. I'm not fussed about getting cabbage heads.

Sorry if the above is a load of twaddleSmile

RE: Cabbage / Greens advice - Veggie - 12-04-2021

Grow any cabbage but closer together than normal and pick them young since you don't want them to head up.................or grow kale for green leaves.

RE: Cabbage / Greens advice - Mark_Riga - 12-04-2021

You could look at this again:

I should think you could sow spring cabbage at intervals from now till September when you could do a sowing like Vinny suggests to keep in spring cabbage for a whole year.
Some spring cabbage can be quite strong tasting. If you have a lot of different cabbage varieties, you could sow a few of each and see which you like the taste of. Plant quite close together and eat thinnings as they get crowded. Japanese varieties are generally sown after mid summer. The main problem with cabbages are the number of pests and diseases so you should only grow as many as you are going to eat.

Any of the English cabbage could be growing now and eaten over the next few months, ending with a couple of actual cabbages. Primo could be a good one to try.

RE: Cabbage / Greens advice - toomanytommytoes - 12-04-2021

Greyhound is very quick to crop, it's a loose pointy type, they can be planted close together and you could get a few successions in. We've got some Winter Jewel greens that went in the ground in October and are harvestable now. Collards will crop all summer into autumn and winter, kale too.

RE: Cabbage / Greens advice - Can the Man - 12-04-2021

I like curly kale and always grow it, it is come again veg. Last year I grew Cavlo Nero or Black Tuscan cabbage as it is sometimes called. Again it’s a come again veg and very easy to use, very versatile. I also grow spring cabbages called winter Jewel and collards, they are both loose cabbage very green and don’t turn into a head.

RE: Cabbage / Greens advice - Broadway - 15-04-2021

Thanks for your responses folksSmile

I will attempt Kale however I need to be a bit careful as it's high in vitamin K!

RE: Cabbage / Greens advice - PyreneesPlot - 15-04-2021

I like thousandhead kale - big cabbage-like leaves - although I only grow it for winter/spring use. Another vote for greyhound here too!

RE: Cabbage / Greens advice - Eyren - 15-04-2021

Make sure you net them if growing in the summer - and that the net is secure! Last summer all my cavalo nero was devastated by one cabbage white butterfly that snuck in under the netting after I'd been harvesting other veg in the same bed  Angry

RE: Cabbage / Greens advice - Eyren - 15-04-2021

(15-04-2021, 08:41 AM)Broadway Wrote: Thanks for your responses folksSmile

I will attempt Kale however I need to be a bit careful as it's high in vitamin K!

Unfortunately most brassicas contain significant amounts of vitamin K and will impact warfarin:

(The gist of the article seems to be that vitamin K in foods generally does not affect warfarin metabolism, but both K supplements and brassicas do.)

You might want to look into non-cruciferous leafy greens, eg. chopsuey greens (which are from the daisy family) or fat hen or Good King Henry (Chenopodium) which are often found as a weed.

RE: Cabbage / Greens advice - Admin - 15-04-2021

I am OK with cabbage Danny, just dont eat it every day