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Mother nature - Vinny - 11-04-2021

............she's a strange auld girl! Big Grin

Me and her were at loggerheads when she frosted my dahlias, even though I had wrapped them up with fleece in the greenhouse! Angry

Today though, whilst walking the dog in the countryside it was sunny and the air was 'fresh' . There was snow on the hills, it was a picture and  a joy to be out and about.
It was then that I made my peace with her and realised that I would always be taking a chance if I tried to fight her and invariably she would win.
Its a bit like gambling, you should never gamble what you can't afford to lose. Rolleyes

Apologies for my ramblings.

RE: Mother nature - Veggie - 11-04-2021

Rambling on.................

Mother Nature always wins - if her mind's made up you can't stop her.
Its like life, you can't change what has happened or what will happen, you just have to accept that its meant to be and its best to run with it.

Its good to have a backup plan though. Smile

More rambling required....................

RE: Mother nature - Small chilli - 12-04-2021

She is beautiful, strong and incredibly cruel. Usually in the same breath.
You got to respect her or she is more than capable of ending you. 
I do like her  Wink

RE: Mother nature - Admin - 12-04-2021


RE: Mother nature - Bren - 12-04-2021

She does her own thing and we just have to cope the best we can.

RE: Mother nature - JJB - 12-04-2021

She certainly packs a punch and clobbers the foolish. A trough of begonia semp that I had nurtured all through the winter in the porch were getting too hot in the sunny gh, so I put them outside. Who's the numpty that left them out by mistake last night? Me! They're all soggy and limp this morning, not dead but definitely devastated. Mother nature and numpties don't get on. Sad

RE: Mother nature - PyreneesPlot - 12-04-2021

Ramble on. Smile

Considering how utterly cavalier us humans have been with her in the last hundred years or so, she's been pretty easy going with us (although the folks living in bush fire zones for example might disagree).

RE: Mother nature - Vinny - 12-04-2021

Just come back from the allotment and the auld girl has taken pity on me. Cool She has only wiped out about half of my Dahlias rather than the majority as I at first thought. Jack frost, her son, also wiped out my four cape gooseberries I had potted on.....but.....I have managed to salvage six plants from the original pot still on the window sill at home. They are a lot smaller but should catch up and will save me sowing again (not sure whether I have any seeds left anyway?)

So all in all, because I have shown due deference to her she has thrown me a line. Big Grin

RE: Mother nature - Greenfingers - 12-04-2021

Mother nature and her miracles are amazing and thank goodness she always has the last laugh or the earth would be even more of an overcrowded, poisoned cesspit than it is thanks to mankind.

RE: Mother nature - Can the Man - 12-04-2021

Mother Nature did a job on my marigolds and nasturtiums Sad