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Hello again my lovelies :) - SarrissUK - 11-04-2021

Hi all,
I hope you are all well and that the garden has helped you through this nightmare of a year.
I had, during 2020 a contract job that took me away from most of my gardening, but since then a lot has changed.
I have been on my own for a good 15 years, by choice, and enjoyed that independence, but now I have met someone very dear to me and we are signing on the dotted line for a new, jointly owned property in a small Lincolnshire village.
We are expecting to move in a month or two. 
The house is a bungalow, with a massive garden (at least compared to my current one).
I am hoping to be around here more in the months to come! Smile

RE: Hello again my lovelies :) - JJB - 11-04-2021

Welcome back Sarriss. We missed you. Congratulations on your new love, life and home. It looks lovely. You'll be digging and planting in no time.

RE: Hello again my lovelies :) - Broadway - 11-04-2021

Hello Sarriss

Congratulations and good luck to you both, I remember you mentioning you'd met someone in one of your previous postsSmile

RE: Hello again my lovelies :) - Small chilli - 11-04-2021

Welcome back
That’s a lovely looking garden. Lots of potential. Love the round windows. I’m guessing that’s not just a shed. Do you get to keep that very new digger bucket? I like digger buckets at the moment  Blush .

RE: Hello again my lovelies :) - PyreneesPlot - 11-04-2021

Hello again - what lovely happy news Smile

RE: Hello again my lovelies :) - Can the Man - 11-04-2021

Welcome back Sarriss and congratulations on your new love life and pending property purchase. Look forward to your valued contributions on this forum again.

RE: Hello again my lovelies :) - Bren - 11-04-2021

Welcome back Sarriss and all the best to both of you in your new home.

RE: Hello again my lovelies :) - Veggie - 11-04-2021

Hi Sarriss - welcome back.Smile
Your new garden look lovely - hope you'll both be very happy there. Smile

RE: Hello again my lovelies :) - Scarlet - 11-04-2021

Some fabulous news for a change Smile lovely garden and congratulations on finding the one! Xx

RE: Hello again my lovelies :) - Mamzie - 11-04-2021

fantastic news Smile New house, new home... ohhh I wonder if a new human or fur baby may follow x