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'G' day tomorrow! - Vinny - 08-04-2021

Going to move the window sill stuff into the allotment greenhouse(hence the G day) tomorrow as I can't wait any longer. I will put them on the greenhouse bench and build a frame around them which will be covered with thin opaque polystyrene (Laminate flooring underlay).
If I do perchance loose them, then so be it, I will have learned a lesson. Rolleyes

RE: 'G' day tomorrow! - Bren - 08-04-2021

You're braver than my Vinny I've still got toms, aubergines and basil on my windowsills over night. Cucs and courgettes will be joining them once they've germinated.

RE: 'G' day tomorrow! - Mark_Riga - 08-04-2021

I put stuff on the floor as the soil insulates from the bottom and then 2 layers of fleece on top over night. Have been known to leave the fleece on for a few days when pushed for time but try to uncover during the day.

RE: 'G' day tomorrow! - Veggie - 08-04-2021

My toms have been in the GH for a few weeks - covered at night with a couple of layers of plastic. Same with the courgettes - a couple of which have flower buds.Smile

RE: 'G' day tomorrow! - Can the Man - 08-04-2021

I have mine in a fleece tent in the tunnel, I have some new ones in a propagator to prick out this weekend and they will stay on the bathroom window for another 2 weeks before moving them to the tunnel.

RE: 'G' day tomorrow! - Small chilli - 09-04-2021

I’m seriously considering evicting my chillies to the tunnel very soon.

RE: 'G' day tomorrow! - Scarlet - 09-04-2021

Yes, I want to move mine too. In previous years I have them in the dining room window and my two kitchen windowsills- the sills are deep enough for a full size seed tray. The bigger one holds one of those 3ft long ones ...but my kitchen is still in a demolished state with one wall a few sheets of wood Sad having all the plants as well as the whole kitchen in the dining room isn't working too well. Lots of accidents Sad flattened plants and it's total chaos.

RE: 'G' day tomorrow! - Bren - 09-04-2021

We're still getting minus over night temps, Met office has given the same for this weekend Sad so it looks like my plants will be indoors a bit longer.

RE: 'G' day tomorrow! - JJB - 09-04-2021

I have 2 full heated props in GH with chillies, aubs and toms. Some tom babies and other things on unheated gh bench. Seedlings still under lights indoors outgrowing their space as well as plants on the living room windowsill indoors, plus a tray of cucurbits about to germinate in the airing cupboard. Shortly something's gonna have to change. I have a heater in GH that will keep it just frost free about 2° and the tomatoes will just have to put up with that. They do get fleeced and bubble wrapped if a really cold nigh is forecast. I find toms cope reasonably well with the cold, it's light they crave. I'm not experienced with chillies and aubergines so I'm going to hedge my bets and have some stay in low bottom heat and others unheated but covered. They've got two choices grow or not.
The forecasters are a bit erratic though, last night one lot said +6° the other +2° in reality it was about +1°.

RE: 'G' day tomorrow! - Vinny - 09-04-2021

I've only sent my Dahlias, seed tatties and Cape gooseberries away on holiday,camping in the greenhouse at the mo. Smile They've got their especially designed tent to fit over the staging (folding table).

I eventually thought the simplest way was to stretch two wires end to end and drape the laminate flooring underlay over them. Seems to work ok, but the proof of the pudding will be in the eating! Rolleyes

Here's a piccie of my efforts.