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Full Version: Square pots or round?
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I have some of those carry tray things picked up from various garden centres but I only use them to hold empty pots!! The only way I move pots is in gravel trays as I don't trust myself not to drop the lot!!
I like square ones too - just cos they fit nicely in the trays.

Though as a cake baker Big Grin I would choose a round cake to make becaus the square cake of the same size costs quite a bit more to make.

I have never bought any pots - beg, borrow or steal ( not quite!) but I do always raid the recycle bin at the garden centre where people drop off their used ones.

Over lockdown this was the only thing I really needed. I ran out of pots for moving in plants Sad as I usually get stuff back when I've given them out.
Its cool to be square or something...

I much prefer square pots. By the time I die I have an ambition that I will have got rid of all my round pots.

... Its unlikey to happen (getting rid of the round ones, death is of course a certainty)
You could always put 3 or 4 together and shove them where it’s dark and damp for frogs and toads to hide in.
As I have no idea how to post a link go onto Pinterest and have a look at ‘Recycled Planters’

I appear to be the only one who isn't for square pots on this thread.............but I don't care. Tongue I Still prefer round plastic
pots which were just a follow on from original clay pots which were usually ROUND.  Big Grin No idea why  I prefer them though. Huh
(27-07-2020, 01:38 PM)Neffa Wrote: [ -> ]As I have no idea how to post a link go onto Pinterest and have a look at ‘Recycled Planters’

.......and I have no idea how to go onto Pinterest. Wink
I don’t really have any preference
(27-07-2020, 11:04 PM)Can the Man Wrote: [ -> ]I don’t really have any preference
You're supposed to be helping me. Can, not sitting on the fence.  Tongue
I like whatever pots are from the charity shop or better still free. Big Grin
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