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Full Version: A new challenge
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After a year of relative inactivity on the gardening front, I have taken on a new challenge......

Welcome to plot number 4. A total mess but something to get my teeth In to.

My target date for completion is 12 months from now.

Looks like the remains of raised beds in there, maybe! I'm sure you'll find out before long.
Well why stop at just 3 allotments  Big Grin . I’m sure you’ll whip it into shape in no time. Look forward to seeing it’s progress.
Wow looks like a major challenge, good luck with it
3 allotments + 1, and quiet on the gardening Looks like some hard work on the horizon. We'll need progress reports and pictures, of course. Smile
You have a big heart and must have a big family to feed? Huh Good luck with your 'challenge' and I will cheer on your updates from my couch! Big Grin
Thanks for the support Vinny Rolleyes

The finished product will not be for me. I got to thinking whilst I was laid up about general accessibility to allotment plots for people with mobility issues.

I have struck deals with scaffolding companies for boards FOC to make raised beds, a local builders merchant for black plastic membrane and our normal manure man will donate enough to fill them.

I have a greenhouse frame which I shall net for fruit or brassica.

All I really need now is the goodwill of a few fellow plot holders
That’s an incredible thing to do boss . If I can donate some seeds or cuttings to your garden, when it’s ready for planting. Please let me know.
Well done, Boss.
Anything here to help?
Thanks Veggie, some good contacts on that page
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