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Full Version: The 20%/80% theory
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Apparently, most people wear 20% of their clothes 80% of the time. 

For me, this is so true. I always wear the same clothes, whatever the season. Jeans. tee-shirt, sweater sort of thing. In winter, add another layer, in summer take one away.
My wardrobe is 80% full of clothes I never wear, hangovers from when I worked and had to look respectable - or when I was slimmer or fatter. The same with shoes - most of them will be too high, too narrow, too tight for my feet that have now spread into crocs and boots.  So why do I keep them?  Because I can't beat to throw anything away, maybe?

I have a plan.Wink Next year I'm going "shopping" in my wardrobe. Find something "new" to wear each week . If it feels right, it can go back in the wardrobe, if it doesn't, its recycled/repurposed.

I could apply the 20/80 theory to seeds too. Probably 20% of my seeds are sown every year, the other 80% go back in the box for another time - maybe. Its time to let some more seeds run free in the garden.

Hands up, what % of your clothes do you wear.........and seeds do you grow?
Clothes I’d say 20%/80% is about right.
Seeds I’d say 60%/80%
You can't have 60%/80% - it has to be 60/40 or 80/20.Big Grin
Well if you’re going to be picky  Tongue 80% of seeds get sown 20% of the time  Big Grin
I think I'm 30% / 80% in summer when I have the operation to expose my legs. Probably 20/90 in winter same thing every day except Thursday shopping day.

The percentages you're quoting Veggie aren't measuring the same thing so dont have to add up to 100, SC can have any combination she wantsSmile could be 100%/100% if you wear the few items you own all of the time, not really likely though.

Seeds probably even worse .
Now you're being picky. Tongue
Tongue Tongue  Tongue
PS I remember being  spanked for sticking my tongue out at a passing child!  She started it  Huh
Tongue SC was the first to do it - not me, I'm a goody goody.Tongue
Goody goody?! Really?! You!

Bad influence more like   Big Grin Cool
Goody goody and Veggie should not appear in the same sentence. If there was a double like SC would have it! I think the term Agitator might be more appropriateSmile
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