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Full Version: Lincolnshire lockdown larks
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Hello all Smile

I had uploaded a few photos to the old forum of my attempts to create my first non-container garden (as an adult, I dabbled a bit as a child) at my temporary rented home in North-East Lincolnshire. I was lucky to be given permission by my landlord and letting agent, and am indebted to the wonderful SarrissUK for bringing me a wonderful supply of compost to get it all kickstarted. After bumping into Sarriss at work this week, I thought it was high time to post some updates!

Here is what I started with:


And this was the mess that was revealed when I peeled back the plastic:



Dug out an awful lot of rubbish:


But I had to leave quite a lot behind as I had limited time (still going to work full time) and only had a hand trowel to work with!

Still, I eventually got to the point where I could lay down some cardboard:


More to come in the next post!

I added Sarriss's wonderful donation of compost:


Then put the plastic back down over the rest of the area and re-spread the bark mulch:


And this is how it looked about two weeks ago:


Those are my potatoes in the foreground (covered in random assorted mulch from the rest of the garden, mostly weeds). I also have turnips, carrots, radishes, peashoots, lettuces (Tom Thumb ones from Muckdiva in the seed swap!), sorrel, beetroot, mange tout, kale, spring onions, wizard field beans, and more, all growing container free! I still have quite a few containers too, but I'll post pictures of those elsewhere.

I'll try to post some more pictures this weekend, as things have really taken off since that last photo.
Well done Proserpina that’s been a lot of hard work for a trowel, fair dues to SarrissUK for getting you the compost
Wow, well done Proserpina! Looking great!
I seem to remember those photosSmile
A nice looking veg plot Smile you must be really pleased your landlord gave you the go ahead.
(23-05-2020, 05:53 PM)Broadway Wrote: [ -> ]I seem to remember those photosSmile

I know, but it didn't make sense to upload my updated photo without the preceding ones! There should be more to come over the next couple of months, before I cover the bed with the plastic again and move on.
Well done - what a sense of achievement Smile
Wow, what a transformation. Great to see the progress. Well done.
wow - with a trowel - that is amazing. Its lovely to see before and after photos x
Wow, that looks great!! I'm so pleased you're growing in the ground - yay! Smile
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