Grafting tomatoes
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(22-03-2021, 12:26 AM)JJB Wrote: I learn something new every day!  Thanks Mark.

Yes very interesting, thanks Mark
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Well they can now stand being in the open air in our conservatory. 1 or 2 were wilting a bit when it went over 35C this afternoon but they should come on quickly now. Frosts forecast for the next few days could be a problem but will need potting on first. All but 3 survived their ordeal so will select the stronger looking ones to plant out.

These 2 pictures show how grafting does set them back a bit. The ones on the right are some that were just potted on and were the weaker plants of the varieties grown. The grafted tomatoes are on the left.

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When the graft has take, the silicone clips still give needed support and don't need to be removed as the stems growing are strong enoughto expand them and eventually you can remove them or let them be flicked off (and potentially lost). The first time I grafted tomatoes, I started removing the clips at this stage and broke some in the process. So now leave them till they are nearly disloged by the plant.

They are now ready for carefully potting on into 3.5" pots

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