New kitties
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(01-02-2021, 02:55 PM)Eyren Wrote:
(30-01-2021, 12:34 PM)Farendwoman Wrote: New additions to the family after being “catless since August.
Those five months were the first time in forty years that we hadn’t had a furry friend around.
Note the lovely hydrangeas Vanilla Fraises in the vase. Picked those in the summer and they still look good.

They're adorable! Are they Burmese? We have a blue Burmese girl who just turned 15 - we used to have a brown too (her brother) but sadly he died when he was four.
Yes, Burmese boys.
We have always had Burmies and these are numbers 7 and 8.
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(01-02-2021, 06:37 PM)Farendwoman Wrote: Yes, Burmese boys.
We have always had Burmies and these are numbers 7 and 8.

They are lovely cats, aren't they? Maddie is such a personality - bossy and opinionated, but so affectionate as well! (Maddie's thread is here)

I would have Burmese again in a heartbeat, though I'm also tempted by Siamese, as my first ever cat was a seal point and we were BFFs  Big Grin
How much veg and wildlife can I pack into a 6m x 8m garden in suburban Cambridge? Let’s find out!  Smile
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Beautiful cats FW, just soooo cute. Love Maddie too. We have two semi feral cats who visit for a feed...they cuddle each other but are wary still of us, it’s only been about 12 years!! Big Grin
We also have been visited by a huge white cat recently which has one green and one blue eye. He looks like a Khao Manee but they are expensive cats so not sure the owner would allow him out and about.
West of Scotland
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