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Can what Scarlet means by tupperware is put it into a plastic pot, tupperware is what your mother, and mine, would use. Some folk are older than I thought Confused Big Grin
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Oi! Big Grin
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(Yesterday, 07:22 PM)PyreneesPlot Wrote:
(Yesterday, 05:57 PM)Vinny Wrote:
(Yesterday, 04:58 PM)PyreneesPlot Wrote:
(Yesterday, 01:02 PM)Vinny Wrote: Today I plan to sow:-

Calabrese Parthenon F1

All will be sown in modules, maybe kept indoors until they germinate then put on staging in cold greenhouse. Smile

How do you get on with calabrese, Vinny? I've tried parthenon a few times but it just produced piddly little heads that flowered!
That's not what I wanted to hear PP! (eek)
I normally just grow whatever calabrese I can get a hold of cheaply. It was fine last year but the second harvest after cutting the main head was better.
I am growing Parthenon because I recently bought a head from Aldi and both myself and OH agreed it was the tastiest we had ever had.
I looked for it and ordered the F1 seeds to give it a try. Only 25 seeds so it better be good. Big Grin

PS Last year I dibbled holes in firm soil at 2 foot spacing, filled with compost and sowed direct. I did the same with curly kale and both did good.
I wonder whether its the transplanting that would send it to seed........I hope not.

I've always transplanted so that may have been the problem Sad  I look forward to hearing your results!
I always transplant and they crop fine so I dont think that's the problem. I've not grown Parthenon though. Not sure of your climate PP but maybe plants getting too dry or not firm enough soil?

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