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We’ve got a mix of trees to be planted hopefully soon. They will do much better in the ground than in pots. 
What spacing would you give them ? 

The trees are. 2 hazel, 2 oak, 1 rowan, 1 beach (might go as hedging), 1 Douglas fir, 3 morello cherry (might go as hedging), 2 willow ( might go as hedging) , 1 can’t remember the name gem/gen something like that & 1 redwood .

I was thinking 1 1/2 - 2m between them in all directions.
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If you consider the size of these in 30 years, then that is far too close together, but then the question is whether they will all survive that long, and what effect you are wishing to achieve. We have a copper beech that was a mere 5ft sapling 40 yrs ago which previous owner had planted 6ft from the boundary, it's now 40ft tall (having been reduced) and is 50ft wide and is in completely wrong place, but I love her. Similarly a horse chestnut which was 6 inches in a pot, is now 50ft tall and a pain in the @rse. Horses for courses. These trees in a garden only 30ft wide were perhaps not the wisest decision.

So in answer to your question I would intersperse the smaller or shorter lived between the taller and long lived to whatever spacing you want because whatever you do you will wish you'd done differentBig Grin. Not a lot of help, eh?
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Think long and hard about the end result before you plant trees , particularly the effect they will have on whatever else you want to grow.
They cast shade, but they also provide shelter/windbreak/privacy.
Do you want a hedge, a wood, a shade area...........

I have self seeded oaks, ash, hazel, hawthorn and more. If I don't weed them out in the first couple of years they become sizeable little trees that need saws and winches to remove the roots.
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There will be a hedge replacing the nasty rhododendrons we’ve just cut down. A mix of native, edible & pretty.

The tree are going at the fare end of the plot as a little wooded area.

Trees on the whole don’t grow massive on the island due to being battered by windy conditions. Obviously they do in sheltered spots, but our plot isn’t one of them   Wink .

 google loch na keal oak trees. They’re the extreme granted but they are around 150 years old and I doubt any of them are more the 10ft tall. Love going to see them, they are amazing little tree.
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