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Hello Folks

I need to trim back my thyme, rosemary, and bay as they have all gone a bit mad.

Was thinking about how to store them then remembered I have a dehydrator stored away somewhere in the loft!

Does anyone has any experience using one to dry and store herbs please?
Regards..........Danny Smile
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I usually just freeze herbs chopped in ice cube trays. Bay I just pick a load at a time keep it in the food cupboard in a container without a lid, it drys naturally. Never tried rosemary to thyme. Never grown enough to try it. Frozen or dried. Only thing I’ve tried in the dehydrator was oregano. It didn’t go well! It dried fine. But it lost all it’s scent & flavour very quickly after storing in a jam jar. It smelled and tasted exactly like straw !
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I don't bother drying evergreen herbs like bay, rosemary and thyme as they're always available to pick.
Marjoram/oregano I dry by tying into a bunch and hanging somewhere warm and airy - its actually the utility room where I also store the onions and have a homemade drying rack suspended below a cupboard.
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I freeze basil, mint and oregano in ice cube trays I did try basil in the dehydrator but I soon went back to freezing.
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My rosemary is never more than 3 years old, its so easy to propagate i just start new plants. I find it gets less flavoursome as it gets older. Like V, it seems pointless drying as its always available.

Lovely with new pots, shallots and garlic, all thrown in to a deep roaster and drizzled with olive oil
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