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Vine Weevils

Vine Weevils are a common garden pest in the UK attacking both outdoor and indoor plants. Container grown plants are particularly susceptible.

The adult weevils feed on the leaves but the real damage is done by their larvae munching on the roots of your plants.


Best treatment - Nematodes
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Member from Cheshire
A new garden pest for me - the house sparrow.
I caught them red handed in the sweetcorn patch and one came out and wiped its beak on the fence.


In previous years I had been blaming mice for this and they seem to attack it before it is really ready. I suspect tits may be involved as well as a great tit was lurking near by.
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I found my corn attacked by a single caterpillar boring into the centre of the cob. This year is the the first time I've encountered this pest in my corn. It appears that a variety of corn borer is able to establish in southern areas due to the warmer weather
I'm not aging, I just need re-potting.
Greetings from Wiltshire 
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