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A Repurposed Item - The Small Print!
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Please post your entries here before the Festival ends at midnight, 1st October.
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We'll take a Vote on the best entries in October, with the Award of the Trophy at the end of October. 

Thanks for entering. 
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Small chilli Online
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I’ve repurposed newspapers. Turned them into bags for the distribution of veggies to neighbours.


Isle of Mull
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My neighbours were both meteorologists at a local military airfield.  In their day I believe they used rolls of paper in their machines for printing charts.  These rolls of paper had plastic tubes as spindles in the centre which were wasted at the end of the roll.  Both neighbours used these spindles as markers for their rows of veg plants and I managed to cadge a fair few.  35 years later they're still in use and being repurposed.
I'm not aging, I just need re-potting.
Greetings from Wiltshire 
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Newspaper plant pots. 

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An abandoned shopping trolley turned into a strawberry planter. Cool
Wonky Shopkeeper in Sunshiny South Wales
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Member from Cheshire
Two things in this picture.

An old barrel, no idea what it was previously. Could have been fished out of the Ship Canal by my late Father-in-law and converted to a water-butt. The stand for it is a round grind-stone that was lying about when we came here about 40 years ago (or it might be a stone-age wheel). Probably been in use for 20 years now.

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