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Ingredients for a Meal - The Small Print!
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Please post your entries here before the Festival ends at midnight, 1st October.
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We'll take a Vote on the best entries in October, with the Award of the Trophy at the end of October. 

Thanks for entering. 
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Bren Offline
Braim using Charlottes, Black Cherry and Gardeners delight toms,  mixed courgettes and parsley.   
I don’t grow onions they’re from the greengrocers. 

     trug of garden veg 
    drizzled with olive oil and baked
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Served with roasted lamb and some good company ( potatoes were not homegrown for this meal, neither was the lamb )

Isle of Mull
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Sheperdess Pie: whatever veg  you have includeing carrots, onions and tomatoes with beans, lentils and a spoon of marmite.

Veg I used:above with garlic, sweet pepper, courgete and squash.


Added not from garden, lentils, mushrooms, marmite and grated cheese.

before adding potato and cheese:


after baking (small pie for tonight, big pie for next 3 nights):

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Good luck everybody Smile

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