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Best Failure - The Small Print!
Veggie Online
Super Pest Controller
Please post your entries here before the Festival ends at midnight, 1st October.
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We'll take a Vote on the best entries in October, with the Award of the Trophy at the end of October. 

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Wonky Shopkeeper in Sunshiny South Wales
There's Method in my Madness Wink
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Bren Offline
This was supposed to be an All year round Cauliflower.

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Mark_Riga Offline
Member from Cheshire
I'd normally be happy with about 2kg dried broadbeans from 40 plants.

This year just 107beans weighing 245g. Not much left when I have taken out the seed for next year. Not enough for 1 lot of houmous even. I suspect robber bees have a lot to answer for.

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Mikey Offline
Carrots this year have been pathetic, planted in a raised bed supposedly Carrot root fly can’t get over obstacles 2ft high. Flanked all around by onions, supposedly the scent confuses them. Poppycock, these Welsh carrot root flies clearly laugh in the face of obstacles and have no sense of smell.

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A pocket knife is not a weapon in the right hands it’s an essential garden tool.
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Small chilli Offline
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Luffa that thought actually producing luffas was to much like hard work.

Isle of Mull
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PyreneesPlot Offline
Mountain Dweller
Thai Green Pea Aubergines
Sown 27th Feb
Germinated 25th April
Potted on 25th May
And again 3rd September.
The best one has five leaves ...

Has Anyone Seen the Plot?

Hautes-Pyrénées (65), France
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Scarlet Online
Super Pest Controller
Well, my failure for the year was courgettes, one so bitter brushing my teeth didn't take the taste away. So I sowed a couple more!

I was going to pull these second batch of plants because it was obvious from the growth rate they weren't courgettes but TMT suggested to let them grow to see what they were.
These turned out to be ornamental gourds.  I've never grown gourds before....but look a this!


Yes, they are ugly Big Grin and I can't eat them but they will make fab Halloween decorations, they are the size of a medium orange - a friend has just been gifted a mushroom tray full. She was delighted with them. So definitely the "best" failure. I will actually buy a pack of decorative gourd seeds to grow again.
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JJB Offline
Turnips that didn't fill out.

I'm not aging, I just need re-potting.
Greetings from Wiltshire 
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Admin Online
The Boss
There's always next year Smile
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